Max – Senior Orange Tabby Cat – Adopted

Imagine if a close family member became seriously ill.  And due to the illness you had to be separated.  How would you feel?  Devastated, distraught, frightened?

That’s how Max was when he first came to Tails High Cat Rescue.  Max’s human developed a medical condition in March 2015 which affected him deeply.  He was very close to his human, sitting next to her during the day, sleeping in her bed at night, and overall enjoying life.  The medical condition was severe enough to necessitate giving Max up to Tails High.

On Max’s first day at his new foster home (mine), he stayed in his carrier for almost an hour.  When he did finally crawl out of the carrier, he first looked for a way out of the home and when he couldn’t, he hid.  A lot.  For the next few days he went from one hiding spot to another until he settled on top of a cabinet in the closet.

The next month or so Max would only come out either at night time or when he was sure no one was around.  I would try to approach him but he always ran back to his hiding spot.

It took a while but with patience, love, and acceptance, Max became more comfortable.  Eventually, his true personality started to shine.

Max is very loyal, friendly, and fun to be around. Once he got used to me, he wanted to sit next to me on my chair.  Even if there was little room left for me, Max wanted on top of the chair and be petted.

He also knew when I was coming up the stairs and waited next to the door.  As soon as I came inside, he knew it was time to let me know it’s snack time and he’d follow me around until I gave in (he had me trained well).

Max was more into playing than I’d have thought senior cats would have been.  He loved to play with the string toy, but didn’t care for the laser pointer.  Additionally, Max liked being brushed and giving head butts.

In January 2016, a teenager came to Tails High asking to foster a senior cat.  She had a penchant for senior cats and wanted to help take care of one for the rescue.  Max was the only one available and after ensuring she was aware of Max’s history, he went home with her and her family.

Between January 2016 and March 06, there were three adoption events at Petco Annandale and Max didn’t make it for any of them.  Max, it turns out, decided he liked the girl, her family, and his new home so much that he refused…absolutely refused…to get in the carrier to make the trip to Petco Annandale.  She and her family loved Max too.  He was very happy, sleeping in the teenager’s bed, playing games, and enjoying life.

So, unsurprisingly, on March 6th, the girl came to the adoption event at Petco Annandale and said she was keeping Max…forever 🙂



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