IndAroma – Restaurant Review

On my quest to find restaurants that serve good plant based food, I dropped by IndAroma Bakery & Cafe at the Pinecrest Plaza on the border of Annandale and Alexandria.

I’ve been to that shopping center many times (Staples is a couple of doors down and Home Depot is across the street) but never stopped by for a bite.

The place isn’t large by any means (it has space for about 40 patrons). The decor is pretty good and I chose to sit on the couch near the entrance…which made for more comfortable seating than the wooden chairs.

The plant based options are clearly marked on the menu and there are several of them (no dessert…which is disappointing, but hardly unexpected).

I chose the samosa chaat and the channa masala with rice and extra bread. They have water in self serve bottles that can be taken to the table which makes it convenient, though I’d prefer water from a fountain from a cleanliness standpoint.

The food was very good, thought not as spicy as I was led to believe. The music wasn’t Indian at all and I suspect the owners are trying to appeal to a wider audience than a strictly Indian crowd.

IndAroma Bakery & Cafe is a good place to eat plant based food and a good place for a future meetup.


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