&Pizza – Restaurant Review

I went to &pizza a couple of weeks ago at Springfield Town Center. I had heard they had a plant based pizza and wanted to try it. This place makes pizza in a chipotle fashion where diners choose all ingredients.

The plant based ingredients are clearly marked and they offer plant based cheese and faux beef, both of which I added to the pizza.

The dough is fashioned in front of you which makes me think the pizza is fresher than at Mod Pizza.

The pizza is only one size, making it easy for employees, but was filling, though I don’t care for the fact that each pizza comes in a throw away cardboard box, which leads to a lot of waste.

The other thing I didn’t care for is that I had to wait in line when the pizza was in the oven which although not long by any reasonable standard, was too long for someone with a 2016 mentality.

The space is tiny but can hold almost 75 people, probably more.

The drink machine was out of ice so their in house sodas didn’t taste that well…though I can’t be sure if the ice would have made that much of a difference.

Overall, I was happy with the pizza and am glad to see plant based options clearly marked. &pizza is a good place to have plant based pizza if you’re in the area and might be a good place for a future meetup.


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