Masala Wok – Restaurant Review

I was in the Fairfax area last week and stopped by Masala Wok to get some plant based food. It’s an Indian/Asian fusion cuisine restaurant and I had figured it was worth a shot.

They have a special vegan menu with a whole page of options for diners to try. Unfortunately, there were no Indian options listed (clearly these guys were North Indians).

I saw that they offered Gobi Manchurian as a starter and Hakka Noodles in the entree section. I’ve had both of these dishes before and was curious how they tasted and ordered them.

There wasn’t much of a crowd when I went (it was kinda late) but there were space for about 100 diners so even if it was busy, I doubt finding space would have been a hassle.

The Gobi Manchurian came out first and although plenty, didn’t taste as flavorful as I’ve had before. This might not be a bad thing since the other restaurant went heavy on processed sauces which although increased the taste, also caused the food to be unhealthier.

When the Hakka Noodles came out, I knew I would have to get a takeout box since there was too much food for one person.

I added some soy sauce, as I am want to do with noodles, and I was happy with the taste.

I’m disappointed with the lack of Indian options at this restaurant, but wouldn’t mind doing a meetup here…just to see how others like it.



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